Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vegetarian Beer Dinner at Cafe Gutenberg

Here is some info on a vegetarian beer dinner at Cafe Gutenberg. Alas, I am not a beer fan and I definitely eat meat, but wanted to spread the word to others.

We thought we should give you a good reason to go out on a Tuesday (Nov. 9), and what better than a six course vegan beer dinner?

That's right, you are hereby called upon to celebrate Richmond Beer Week, vegetarian style! We'll offer six of our favorite craft beers from the Duvel family of breweries, each paired with a vegan or vegetarian course that'll hopefully knock your socks off.

Tasting starts at 6:30 PM and is $38 pp BEER INCLUDED!... Seats are by reservation only, so RSVP with an email to Deadline is November 3rd so make your reservations soon!

Epic Vegan Beer Dinner

Truffle Honey Frites
Fresh Herbs and Parmigianna Reggiano or Nooch Crumbles
Duvel Strong Golden Ale

Pumpernickel Toasts with Brown Sugar Onions and Cabot (or Vegan) Cheddar Nutmeg Sauce
Warm Spinach and Sultana Salad
Chouffe Trippel IPA

Red Chili Rooster Wings, Pickled Daikon Radish
Ommegang Abbey Ale

Local Oyster Mushroom Pasta with Porcini- Truffle Cream or
Vegan Sweet Pea Mac and Cheese
McChouffe Brown Ale

Sauerkraut Spring Rolls!
Wholegrain Mustard and Sour Cherry Sauce
Maredsus Brun

Leifmans Kreikbeer Milkshake

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RVAfoodie said...

PJ: I'm glad you posted this. I don't frequent multi-course meals or pairing events, but it seems like a bargain to me. Maybe I'm just really into craft beer lately (especially Belgian style) and expertly crafted vegetarian cuisine is pretty uncommon as well. However, I do wanna say that a good food and drink combo can render the protein irrelevant, especially six in a row. So, maybe this is the evangelical vegetarian in me coming out, but from my experience eating at Cafe Gutenberg, I think any meat eater will be impressed and satisfied with this meal. And yes, I intend to go.