Saturday, February 06, 2010

Rosy Tangerine Dream

I have fallen passionately in love with Luxardo Maraschino liqueur. We saw this elixir being used for the wonderful bar concoctions at Acacia. I bought a bottle for my hubby for Christmas and we just got around to opening it. First of all, this Italian import smells and tastes more like roses than cherries. An unexpected, yet welcome surprise. And a little splash adds a lot of flavor.

I've been experimenting with different recipes and my spouse insisted that I blog about this one. So here it is:

Rosy Tangerine Dream

6 ounces sparkling wine

2 ounces tangerine juice

Splash of Luxardo Maraschino (about a tablespoon)

Pour the sparkling wine in the glass first, add the Luxardo, and top off with the juice.



Becky said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe for this drink. We really enjoy Luxardo and am happy to find a new way to use it. Have you tried Luxardo cherries? The cherries are preserved in the liqueur. I'm going to try your drink with one of the cherries as garnish.

pjpink said...

I hope you enjoy it! The cherries sound divine. Acacia keeps coming up with cocktails using Luxardo. Check them out if you have the chance.

Phil said...

Where were you able to find the Luxardo Liqueur around Richmond? I've never had it before but I know of several great cocktails that call for it. Thanks for any info!

pjpink said...

Phil - I picked up my bottle at the ABC Store on Gaskins.