Monday, September 03, 2012

The Carytown Farmers Market

A new Sunday market just sprouted up: The Carytown Farmers Market. The market is open 10 AM until 2 PM every Sunday. Opening day brought rain so my pics are few, but, while small, the market offers a nice variety of veggies, fruit, flowers, meat (including duck!), doggie treats, pickles, and fresh pasta.

Carytown Farmer's Market


Sweet Sour Salty

Keep supporting your local farmers!

Aziza's on Main - Now Serving...

Vodka Limeades! And only $5 during Happy Hour!

Vodka Limeade

I toasted my nephew with one of these to congratulate him as he makes his way in the world. The smart guy with the incredible hair is off on a full ride to Hampden-Sydney. (Please note: Nephew celebrated with water. He can get his own adult limeades when he gets a degree and a well-paying job!)

We also had pizza. The best pizza my nephew ever had. Thank you, Aziza, for making the night a special one!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Garnett's: Casual Goodness and Lovely Photo Ops

Need an inexpensive, cozy spot teeming with deliciousness? Garnett's Cafe is just the place. We did not want to cook, but did not want to spend a fortune. We still wanted wine with our meal. Date night at Garnett's Cafe fit the bill. Two sandwiches and a bottle of wine: $30. Boom.

There's another reason I like the place: fabulous photo ops. Take a gander.

As we approach the entrance
Borrowed Time
Our table was situated under this print
Garnett's Bar
I like the bar/lunch counter as well as the various state plates
Wineworks Viognier
YOu can never go wrong with a Michael Shaps wine. Even the whites are good.
Turkey Bacon Swiss
Hubby enjoyed the Turkey and Swiss with Cole Slaw
The Colonel
I like The Colonel with roast beef, turkey, Swiss, and tiger sauce
Bikes and Chairs
The old iconic chairs have been replaced with colorful uniformity. Garnett's is so in sync even the bikes complement the colors!
The only bad thing about Garnett's? Not within walking distance of my house!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

What Was Enjoyed at the Filipino Festival

In mid-August Our Lady of Lourdes hosts the Filipino Festival. Food and entertainment ensure for two days during one of the hottest months of the year. This year, the Friday evening was bearable, so we threaded the parking maze and thoroughly enjoyed our favorite Filipino dishes.

Lechon - roasted pig with crispy skin
Pork Adobo
Pork Adobo
We also liked the variety of t-shirts.

T-Shirts Filipino Style

Deco - A Little Italian Gem

As we approached Deco, we already liked it. The transformation of the exterior to a classic art deco style is quite pleasing.

Deco Lit Up

The interior is sleek and artful.

Deco Bar

Deco offers traditional Italian cocktails (as well as other libations). The Aperol Spritz was perfect drinking for a summer evening and pretty for the eye to admire.

Aperol Spritz

As we perused the menu, the Fried Fresh Mozzarella called out to us. We both like fried cheese. We were introduced to really good  fried cheese about 20 years ago at a non-defunct restaurant in Williamsburg. The place used fresh mozzarella and we loved it. Deco's version offers generous portions, lightly breaded with a tomato sauce. Since this is fresh, it is not overly salty and while the tomato sauce is good, we really liked eating it with a bit of balsamic vinegar. Yum.

Fried Fresh Mozzarella

For his entree hubby ordered the special of the evening: Mussels and Pasta with a Tomato Sauce (your choice of spicy or non-spicy). He could not decide on which sauce and so the kitchen combined a bit of both to his satisfaction.

Spaghetti and Mussels

I had the thinly sliced and breaded veal. Very tasty. The entree was accompanied by the side of the day which was a green bean and potato salad. I raved about the salad with its perfectly cooked ingredients and a tasty vinegary twang.


We enjoyed a Rosso from Puglia with the meal.

A lovely little gem of a spot nestled within the Museum District. Delicious food. Affordable prices. With all of the news about various places closing, go give the newly opened Deco some love so they will stick around.