Monday, September 03, 2012

The Carytown Farmers Market

A new Sunday market just sprouted up: The Carytown Farmers Market. The market is open 10 AM until 2 PM every Sunday. Opening day brought rain so my pics are few, but, while small, the market offers a nice variety of veggies, fruit, flowers, meat (including duck!), doggie treats, pickles, and fresh pasta.

Carytown Farmer's Market


Sweet Sour Salty

Keep supporting your local farmers!


Mark McIntyre said...

And bread!

pjpink said...

Thanks for the reminder, Mark. And bread! Go get all the goodies!

Anna said...

I love shopping at farmers markets and recently The Chew suggested getting organic produce there because it is fresher and cheaper. I also enjoy visiting vineyards to taste wine and try new ones.

losammon said...

How exciting!! Carytown is great for a farmer's market! Can't wait to check this one out :)

Liz @ Virginia Bloggers said...

I got some great veggies at the Carytown Farmers market yesterday! Love it!

P.S. Are you coming to the Virginia Blogger meet up this Saturday?? It would be so fun to meet you in person!!