Sunday, September 02, 2012

Garnett's: Casual Goodness and Lovely Photo Ops

Need an inexpensive, cozy spot teeming with deliciousness? Garnett's Cafe is just the place. We did not want to cook, but did not want to spend a fortune. We still wanted wine with our meal. Date night at Garnett's Cafe fit the bill. Two sandwiches and a bottle of wine: $30. Boom.

There's another reason I like the place: fabulous photo ops. Take a gander.

As we approach the entrance
Borrowed Time
Our table was situated under this print
Garnett's Bar
I like the bar/lunch counter as well as the various state plates
Wineworks Viognier
YOu can never go wrong with a Michael Shaps wine. Even the whites are good.
Turkey Bacon Swiss
Hubby enjoyed the Turkey and Swiss with Cole Slaw
The Colonel
I like The Colonel with roast beef, turkey, Swiss, and tiger sauce
Bikes and Chairs
The old iconic chairs have been replaced with colorful uniformity. Garnett's is so in sync even the bikes complement the colors!
The only bad thing about Garnett's? Not within walking distance of my house!

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Lindsay said...

I love Garnett's and wish it was walking distance from my apartment too! The GF desserts are amazing, as is the tuna nicoise salad!!