Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anokha - Where I Now Go For Indian Cuisine

I had mourned the closing of New India in Lakeside. We were introduced to their great food only to have it disappear. Last week we finally had the opportunity to eat at Anokha. And what a spectacularly delicious place. First of all, when entering the establishment, one would never know that this was the former home of a fast food burrito place. The decor is colorful and sleek. I was even impressed with the women's restroom.

Next, Anokha features a fantastic wine list to pair with its cuisine at decent prices. We ordered a Peltier Station Petit Syrah. Next time we have vowed to pair the food with one of the many whites from Alsace.

We were served plain naan with three different sauces - tamarind-based (sweet and addictive), yogurt-based (not to our liking), and cilantro-mint (very tasty).

To start, we shared Shrimp Madras - Jumbo Shrimp Sautéed in Madras Spice Blend, Served with Pink Peppercorn-Mint Raita. The shrimp were big and meaty. Unfortunately, we did not know that it was topped with toasted coconut. Since I do not like coconut, I was a bit disappointed. If you like coconut, you would really like this dish. My hubby did.

For entrees, my hubby ordered Anokha Special Biryani - Saffron Rice with Shrimp, Scallops, Chicken and Nuts. The serving was huge and tasty. He took half of it home to consume the following day. I liked the fried onions that accompanied the dish. I had the Chicken Saffron - Tandoori Chicken Breast in a Delicately Spiced Saffron Sauce. My dish, while smaller in quantity,  transported me to tastebud heaven. The saffron sauce was magnificent. It was served with plain rice. We also ordered garlic naan to eat with the entrees. Good thing, too. I needed the naan to sop up the extra saffron sauce. Mmmm.

We will definitely return to this place. The food was flavorful, the decor pleasing, and someone took some time in putting together a wine list for the cuisine.

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Anonymous said...

I love to go to India K Raja. The food is great and the owners are the sweetest people and very helpful.

Eating Bird Food said...

I too mourned the closing of New India. We loved that place, however we were always the ones in there so I can see why it closed. So sad!

I'll have to give Anokha a try. It sounds good!!

PS It was great to meet you last night at Olio. I hope there will be more RVA food blogger meetups in the future.

AMFM said...

I LOVE anokha. the tandoori salmon is amazing as are several other things on the menu and the staff is very kind.