Saturday, February 13, 2010

bonvenu reflections

At the beginning of February, in between snow deluges, we ate at bonvenu.

Gone were the vestiges of The Track decor, including the grass cloth walls (which had given us inspiration for our little office ceiling at home). bonvenu was bright with mod chandeliers that produced fascinating reflections. The female staff also sported great retro print tunics (not so much the male staff).

We began with glasses of sparking. A bit more of an apple bite than I like, but drinkable. The puzzling part was that the menu referred to this bubbly as champagne. While the wine was made in France, it was not produced in Champagne.

We ordered crispy calamari. My hubby thought the breading a bit much. I thought the seafood was very tender - almost melt-in-your-mouth.

We had a bottle of SO Zin which was very tasty.

For dinner, hubby had the Blackened Sea Scallops with celeriac purée, caramelized onion rice & baby bok choy. He really dug the scallops and thought the celeriac a great complement to the meal.

I had Roasted Veal Chop with charred corn, fire roasted peppers & whipped garlic mashed potatoes. The garlic/charred thread tied up this hearty tasty package with a flavorful bow. Each element of the dish picked up essences from each other and echoed back deliciousness.

We felt welcomed and the evening also lent itself to experimenting with reflective pictures...

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