Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Fine Dinner at Cafe Rustica

Once again we found ourselves eating at the bar at Cafe Rustica. We had a lovely wine. 2005 Chateau du Bousquet from Cotes du Bourg in Bordeaux.

For dinner I had Schweinschnitzel with red cabbage and spaetzle. Yummy! The portion was large and satisfying. The breading, perfect. Loved the capers. The spaetzle was pan-fried. This bit of browning added subtle flavor and enhanced the enjoyment of the side dish.

My hubby ordered the Oyster Stew and Swedish Meatballs. The stew was creamy and intensely rich. Not a dish for everyday consumption.

The meatballs were over-the-top good. The best of the dishes we had and maybe the best dish on the current menu.

Our charming waitress (with the slightly squeaky voice) recognized us from the last time we visited and treated us well. Once again, a good evening at Cafe Rustica.

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