Saturday, October 30, 2010

Balliceaux Brunch

Last Sunday we took a stroll down Monument Avenue. As we finished our walk we were trying to figure out where to eat lunch/brunch. Kuba Kuba is always a favortie, but the line was out the door. So, we ambled along Lombardy and checked out Balliceaux. I had heard all of the hoopla about this place. I had heard it was fantastic. I still had not gotten around to eating here (so many restaurants, so little time).

We popped in and were surprised that a table was available. We immediately order a Bloody Mary (very peppery) and a Pomegranate Mimosa (very refreshing and garnished with a blackberry).
The menu options were plentiful and presented some twists on traditional themes. But we were extremely pleased that Surry sausage was featured in entrees as well as a side option. I have raved about this Virginia sausage quite a few times. It is that good.

Because Surry sausage was on the menu, we made sure it was part of our order. Hubby had the sausage, grits, and greens dish. Real good grits in the best comfort food tradition. The greens were cooked, but not mushy graced with vinegar and sun-dried tomato.


I did not want a big meal and ordered a la carte: Egg in a Frame with a side of Surry sausage. The egg was overeasy and framed in a piece of grilled Texas toast. Perfect.

We were satisfied and happy with our brunch choice. We must go back and try out dinner.

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