Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bargain Hour at Bouchon

We finally made it to Bouchon and during the magical 5-6 PM time slot that features a $20 prix fixe menu (soup or salad, a choice of entree, and dessert).

We had not planned to dine at Bouchon or so early. We were in grunge jeans and shirts. But John, our waiter, welcomed us with open arms.

We chose a wine - Marc Kreydenweiss Perrierres. The menu stated it was a Rhone. Technically, this is true, but it's actually from the Vallee du Rhone and classified in AOC terms as Costiere de Nimes. This extreme southern part of the Rhone Valley produces different tasting wines than what I typically think of as Rhone. And while the wine was good and we enjoyed it, a French restaurant should have called out the distinction.

To begin the eating portion of the meal, hubby had the mixed green salad which was quite tasty and I had the soup. The soup for the evening was carrot/ginger/curry and it was fabulous. A great combination of flavors.

For the entree we had a choice of salmon with mushrooms and veggies or roasted chicken with a brandy-mushroom sauce. My spouse ordered the salmon which he liked (and I did not try - still not a salmon fan). I had the chicken.

We were pleased to note that the portion sizes were regular-sized, even though it was the bargain hour. We were also happy to see that our dishes used different types of mushrooms. The chicken was very tender. The mushrooms added a little earthy flavor, which paired nicely with the wine.

For dessert we both had the creme brulee which John promised would be the best we had ever had. Yes, the creme brulee was good, but, alas, not the best. The best ever was consumed at Chez Max (I still dream about this creme brulee).

We definitely want to return. The food was prepared with care and attention and there is a bufflo rib eye on the regular menu that is intriguing.

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