Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brunch at Wild Ginger

Last Sunday we went to Wild Ginger for Brunch. It was a nice day and the weather was decent enough that we could eat outside.

We were surprised that this place was not busy. It was after 12 PM. One couple sat in the dining room and another took a table outside. That was it.

Hubby ordered Tuna Lover’s Lunch -  4 pieces tuna sushi and tuna roll ($10.95). Exactly what he was expecting and beautifully presented.

I tried Eggs Huntua - English muffins, Malaysian scrambled eggs, lump crab smothered in a Sake Hollandaise and served with fresh seasonal fruit ($11.95). Very nice. I think the English muffin could have been toasted a bit more, but the sake added more of a sweetness to the dish instead of a lemon-citrus presence. The kiwi and strawberries were a nice accompaniment. A nice twist to the traditional brunch offering.


john witherspoon said...

you were on Southside? you should've swung by the shop! :) Or my house, since I live just up the street from Ginger. ;) Hope to catch up soon.

pjpink said...

Hey John! I forgot that you guys are open on Sunday. Shame on me. But I did drop by on Wed. and picked up an Annabella. You had gone home to spend some quality time with your family (don't blame you!). Hopefully, I'll catch up with you soon.