Sunday, October 10, 2010

Italian Festival

Photos from the Itailian Festival held at RIR.

A cloudy and windy day, but the rain held off.

Hazelnut gelato...Yummy!

This lodge always has my favorite Italian dessert, sfogliatelle. It's a pastry filled with orange-flavored ricotta (very cheesecake-like) and surrounded by many layers of pastry dough. It has to take an incredible amount of time and effort to make. I've only been able to find them at the Italian festival. This is what keeps me coming back.

Garlic knots  and penne alla vodka from Gino's.

A light red table wine.

Fried mozzarella, calamari, and meatballs with a basil tomato sauce from Italian Kitchen. The meatballs were very good.

A petting zoo. This little show off was extremely cute.

Very nice limoncello. We were glad we had walked to the festival.

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