Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turnip Gratin

Even though I am not a fan of green peas, I have come to appreciate and look forward to Japanese turnips from the famers market. I found a Turnip Gratin recipe at Epicurious and it turned out to be lovely.

I did not have enough turnips, so I added a layer of potatoes as well. Instead of cream, I used half and half. I sprinkled the layers with home-grown chopped thyme and sage.

Everything was cooked in one of those new Calphalon Unison Nonstick pans. Yummy!


Micah | Coffee Machines said...

Thank you for all the great posts! This one is explicit. I look forward to reading more interesting topics.

Vishal-Coffee Machine said...

Its looking Yummy recipe really..!! wish to get the recipe, so that can taste it:)