Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daylight Donuts

Richmond BizSense posted a piece on Daylight Donuts a little over a week ago. This is a new doughnut franchise that just opened on Broad between Gaskins and Cox. Part of their mission is to train and employ persons with disabilities.

Last week I picked up some goodies on the way to work. They were delightful.

I was particularly partial to the cinnamon roll.


Josh George said...

A while ago you posted about an old school Pharmacy that still serves counter breakfast and goodies. I can't find it on your past posts. Can you recall the name? Thanks, the donuts look pretty tasty. Been to Country Style Donuts?

pjpink said...

Hi Josh. It must have been Westwood on Patterson. Here is the post.

And someone at work brought in some County Style Donuts and they were fabulous!

Courtney Champion said...

I'm not normally one to be excited about chain restaurants, but I will make an exception for Daylight Donuts. I tried them while in Alabama last year, and I'm so happy to have a shop nearby!

Kim Shook said...

We have reps who bring 2 dozen Daylight Donuts to our office every Tuesday. They are killing us! Pretty good donuts, but Country Style are amazing! I'm really glad that they are FAR away in the East end!

shannon said...

Hi there. I am just now learning that this Daylight Doughnuts is here. There was one right by my home when I was growing up and I still dream of their Orange Cream Doughnuts. I had no idea they were a franchise.