Sunday, June 06, 2010

Being Amused

After returning from Oregon, we took the opportunity to see the new Tiffany exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Before admiring all of the glass creations we had lunch at Amuse.

I like the windows that project a panorama vista. It was a bit sticky outside, so we sat inside. The tables were spaced out nicely and the bar looked decent.

The wine list had some good names, but everything was a bit pricey. We did notice, however, that the wines by the glass were very generous pours. We decided upon a bottole of Pinot Gris from Oregon. Acrobat 2008. Not as fat as some, but good body and fruit structure. And one of the more afforable wines on the list.

For lunch my husband ordered the "crabcake sandwich." Great presentation. A crabcake with bacon nestled between two fried green tomatoes. The crabcake was excellent. The tomatoes were not as tart as he had expected. The bacon tasted like regular bacon (since there are now a number of special varieties readily available, this aspect of the meal was slightly disappointing).

I had grilled rock shrimp with corn risotto and a saffron sauce topped with pea shoots. Once again, a lovely presentation. The risotto was infused with the flavor of the grilled shrimp. The corn was a nice taste component.

Amuse succeeded in tempting us with dessert. My spouse ordered orange cheesecake with a nutty crust.

The cheesecake had a very subtle essence of orange that the crust completed obliterated. And since the layer of cheesecake was very thin, there was no chance to really enjoy the hint of orange. A pity.

I had the buttermilk pie. It reminded me of egg custard made with buttermilk and vanilla extract. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely order this pie again.

We had a nice leisurely lunch. The menu was inventive. I liked the spaciousness of the dining room. In the Fall, I want to dine on the balcony. Currently, they serve dinner on Thursday nights and should begin dinner service on Fridays in July.

Reservations can be made via Open Table.

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Hampers said...

Thanks for sharing....I know where to go to the next time I need a really good wine to go with my food :)