Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Our Very First Green Peas

I am not a green pea fan. I can tolerate them in fried rice or pot pies. When we were in London, I took one look at the "mushy peas" and I almost barfed (an intense green color). Of course, if Chef Schadler (formerly chef at the Williamsburg Inn) were to fix me peas, I'm sure I would love them.

My husband, however, really enjoys green peas. For three years in a row he asked me if he could plants peas in our garden plot. I had always said no until this year.

And our first batch was beautiful

I sauteed them with carrots and onions, and leftover roasted chicken (fresh chicken from Ault Family Farms!) and served everything over egg noodles.

I still don't like green peas that much, but it's cool that they came from our garden.


Tim Vidra said...

I would highly suggest this recipe for your fresh peas!



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Jenni said...

just wanted to say hi and that i really love your flikr photostreams.

pjpink said...

Jenni - Thank you so much for the props. Flickr and photography has become a recent passion.