Sunday, July 04, 2010

Taking Advantage of a Cooler Evening

This past Thursday the weather provided some heat relief, just in time to visit Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in the evening. Members of the Virginia Opera seranaded the crowd in the rose garden. We strolled and thanked our lucky stars that we could be outside in July enjoying the weather.

We tried to eat dinner in the Tea House. Tables were available. A group of three were waiting to be seated. A waiter passed all of us by with no comment. After a few minutes wait, another person entered the dining room from the kitchen, took a look at the two parties waiting to be seated and turned around and went back to the kitchen. While I thought he would have alerted someone to at least greet us, I was mistaken. Another few minutes and still no one appeared. We took this as an ominous sign (would this be indicative of the service we would receive if we ever did get seated???). We left.

And we headed over to Tastebuds on MacArthur. Much better choice.

We ordered Ferraton, Rose, Cotes du Rhone, France, 2009  for $21.


To eat we had Carribean Spice Rubbed Shrimp, Papaya Mojo and Fresh Pineapple Rice Pilaf ($15) and Saigon Skewers - Sirloin & Shrimp Skewers, Fragrant Ginger Marinade, Brown Rice Cake and Stir Fried Vegetables ($14.50). Again, lovely.

And this time we indulged in dessert: Chocolate brownie wedges with mint mousse ($5) and Key lime curd with blueberries and cream ($5). Yes, you may drool, now.  

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Elizabeth said...

We have experienced the same (lack of) service at the Tea House. They really need to get it together!