Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pescados China Street

Despite the downpour last night, Pescados China Street was bright. Of course, you can't miss the building.

But the decor is also eye popping. Bright blue walls, red tables, yellow chairs and booths. Folks gathered in shorts and flip-flops drinking PBRs from a can. Colorful and laid back. A welcome scene after a week of hard work.

We arrived during happy hour and while we did not order any of the happy hour drinks, we did order the $4 appetizer specials. Lobster hushpuppies

and Shrimp Nachos.

Both were extraordinarily good. The puppies did have a bit of lobster in them. They were crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and just a tad sweet. A lime cream and a hot pepper cream were zigzagged on the sides for dipping. We liked the hot pepper one the best. The nachos were blue corn chips, melted cheese, shrimp "bits," shredded cabbage, and pico de gallo. The shrimp "bits" were more like very large grilled shrimp chopped into thirds. I could tell it was shrimp and my mouth kept exclaiming Mmmmm!

While I scarfed up nachos, my hubby ordered the special: Swordfish with Queso Fresco/Scallion Potato Mash and Yellow Gazpacho.

He was quite pleased with his order, too. We washed everything down with a pitcher of red sangria - not too sweet but just enough fruitiness.

We are very happy that Pescados is now north of the river.

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BaconGrease said...

I think we will try and go tonight (the boy and I) the midlothian restaurant has long been one of my favorites.