Sunday, July 04, 2010

Could the Weather Have Been Any Better on July 2?

OMG! Yes, I kept remarking about how effing fantastic the weather was! I really hate hot weather. And a number of other things coincided to make Friday a truly awesome day. It was the beginning of a long weekend. My hubby was off. Work let out way early. I was able to eat lunch with hubby. We were able to eat lunch outside at CanCan - No Waiting for a table! We window shopped. We picked up State Fair sausage at Belmont Butchery and flat iron steak for weekend grilling. I took pictures. We stopped by J. Emerson to shop for wine (if you subscribe to their on-line newsletter, they have a kick-ass of a special for July).  I took a nap. We strolled over to Once Upon a Vine for the free tasting and picked up beer in preparation for making beer-butt chicken. For dinner we grilled State Fair sausages and enjoyed black-eye peas. What a great day. OMG!

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Page H. said...

We seem to have similar stomping grounds! We also grilled up the state fair sausage from Belmont Butchery and it's definitely worth an OMG.