Sunday, July 04, 2010

Anthony and George's

This past week I attended a Richmond Photography Meetup mingle at Anthony and George's Steakhouse on Staples Mill Rd.

A Mom and Pop survivor from the '60's or '70's. These were the type of places my family ate at on a Friday night way back when. The decor can now be characterized as retro.

The menu was quite extensive with different specials every evening. I ordered one of the nightly specials, lasagna which was accompanied by a tossed salad with house dressing (a nod to Greek-style dressing) and butter-garlic bread.

While nothing fancy, the lasagna was tasty and enormous. With over 30 meetup members in attendance spread out over numerous tables, the service was surprisingly good. And everyone was pleasant.

No wine. The only option was Corbet Canyon. Not going down that road. But cocktails were generally under $5.

On a photography note: The Richmond Photography Meetup Group would love to have new members and is made up of folks with a variety of photographic skills and interests. Please consider joining us. On August 6 at First Fridays, Art6 Gallery will be showing photographs from the group.

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