Saturday, July 17, 2010

South of the James Market for July 17

Hot! Thanks goodness we went early. For today at the South of the James Market we purchased:

Phal's Egg Rolls and Noodles (for breakfast)
Carnitas Taco from Nate's Taco Truck (again, for breakfast)
Blanchard's Iced Coffee
Hot Tea from Koralee
Lisianthus bouquet from Amy's
Fresh whole chickens from Ault's
Red and white potatoes and onions from Pleitez
Peaches and blackberries from Agriberry
Hungarian sweet and yellow peppers from the Chester farmer
Carrots and Hanover tomatoes from Victory Gardens
Garlic from Root Force Collective
Chocolate chip cookies from Countryside Bakers
Cinnamon bread from Montana Gold


Support your local markets! If you have photographs, show off the local bounty here.


Aaron said...

I've been totally digging your blog - I hope you keep it going!

pjpink said...

Thanks Aaron!