Saturday, June 01, 2013

Thai Square near Trafalgar Square

Thai Square as we discovered after we ate there is a very popular up-scale Thai chain. We dined in the flagship restaurant located across from Trafalgar Square.

Thai Square

The decor features traditional carved woods as well as a large candle-ensconced Buddha. The place was hopping when we arrived and we, once again, were lucky that a table was available. While I have a few photos, the setting was darker than most of the other London establishments and my photos are in no way stellar.

Thai Square Buddha

In any case, we enjoyed the food even though the atmosphere was hectic and diner volume increase as the evening progressed.

One thing that we tried was a Shiraz Rose from Monsoon Valley in Thailand. The vintage was 2011 (or Buddhist Era 2554). We had not expected to see Thai wines and had to try it. We were impressed with this New Latitude wine. The Rose was dry with fruity hints.

Monsoon Valley Shiraz Rose

As an appetizer we ordered Golden Sacks - Chicken and Prawn with Garlic and served with a Plum Sauce. One can't go wrong with these little purses.

Golden Sacks

For my main dish I got the Weeping Tiger - Char-grilled marinated sirloin with Thai spices. The beef was cut into strips like tiger stripes. Very tender and not too hot to make me weep. I liked the beef presented in a cast iron skillet, too.

Hubby chose the Panang Beef - a Thai curry consisting of beef slowly cooked in coconut cream and Panang curry paste. He enjoyed his dish and gained a new respect for the vast variation curries have to offer.

Panang Beef

We definitely had a lovely meal here and it was so cool to try (and enjoy) Thai wine.

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