Sunday, June 16, 2013

Windsor Castle

A short train ride from London stands Windsor Castle and village along the Thames. When we went to the train station to purchase transportation tickets, the guy behind the counter checked to make sure the castle was open for visitors on that day. The castle is closed when the queen is in residence. The queen was coming the next day, so we were good to go.

Windsor Castle

The line to get in can be long since everyone must also go through security. We liked the fact that we were travelling during the off season. The royal abode which dates back to Norman times is quite extensive. The upkeep and maintenance is so good that the walls look like fake ones from a Disney castle.

Royally Pristine

We saw a few of the Queen's guards marching about and the state apartments that were open were fairly extensive (no photos inside, however). We also could visit St. George's Chapel (again, no interior photos).

Forward March

We were perplexed to see that Windsor is in the flight path of Heathrow. Many planes flew low and directly overhead.

Chapel Architecture

But Windsor also is a village with a nice park along the Thames. The main street was dotted with shops and restaurants. We ate lunch at Meimo, a Moroccan restaurant and enjoyed chicken tagine and some Moroccan coffee.


Chicken Tagine

Moroccan Coffee

Since it was a nice day, lots of folks were strolling around the river area. The swans were happy as well.

Along the Thames in Windsor

Blue Boats

Couple in the Park

Swans Swimming

This was a lovely day trip.

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