Friday, May 31, 2013

Donostia Basque Kitchen

A few doors away from The Portman we discovered Donostia Restaurant, a Basque tapas spot. Clean contemporary lines with a rustic touch met us as we entered this teeny place on a rainy evening. We secured the last unreserved table. At times it is advantageous to be unfashionably early.

Donostia Entrance

Your Table is Ready

All of the offerings were small to medium-sized plates and, for a London restaurant of this caliber, prices were less than expected.

We chose a Spanish Rioja to start.


And then on to the food. We kept our menu with us throughout the evening until we were through and experienced quite a few dishes from the expected to the unusual (unusual stateside, at least).

First up were Boquerones - white anchovies with piquillo peppers. While traditional, a bit too fishy for me. I concentrated on enjoying the peppers.


And then Pisto with Quail Egg. The ratatouille-like veggies were tasty and the egg delightful.

Pisto with Quail Egg

The Tempura Prawns with Ham and Mango were most excellent. We could have ordered many more rounds of these shrimp.

Tempura Prawns with Bayonne Ham and Mangoes

On to Creamy Croquettes with Jamon. Crunchy, creamy, salty.

Croquettes with Jamon

Check out the Mini Wagyu Beef Burger with the Purple Potato Chips. Cute with great flavor.

Mini Wagyu Beef Burger with Purple Potato Chips

One of the meduim-sized plates was the Monkfish with Black Rice. The fish was not fishy-tasting and had a nice sear. The black rice was unusual and a treat.

Monkfish with Black Rice

We also enjoyed Pigeon Breast with Peas and Pancetta. Served medium-rare, the pigeon was a hearty fowl more akin to duck or even ostrich.

Pigeon Breast with Peas and Pancetta

Of course, we also had to try the Triple Cooked Potatoes with Brava Sauce. Yummy, indeed, with a slightly spicy sauce featuring pimenton.

Triple Cooked Potatoes with Brava Sauce

A great place with a wonderful vibe and lovely service. If you go, try to make reservations. We got lucky.


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