Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Piccolino in Mayfair

Piccolino is located just off of Regents Street in Mayfair. We had experienced a long day of traversing London. It was getting a bit late and the sun had set (yes, we saw sun that day). We had ventured around Carnaby Street to find a place to have dinner. Lots of imbibers had spilled out into the pedestrian walkways and everyone was LOUD. We headed to Heddon Street and settled on Piccolino and some traditional Italian fare. We were lucky that a table was available. This place, too, was busy and loud, but we were hungry and really wanted to get off of our feet.

Dinner was very enjoyable, but the conversation from the tables next to us were all the more fascinating. On one side we had two blokes out on the town. They had already had a few drinks. When the waiter delivered their meals, he dropped the dishes. Food and drink all over. Profuse apologies ensued and the manager offered to comp the fresh meals being brought out. These guys proceeded to wrangle quite a few more free cocktails before leaving as well. Brits can drink us under the table. The table on the other side of us comprised of two women who were not able to secure dates for the evening. These gals could chat up a tsunami. We finally realized why waiters in the UK always waited for us to ask for the bill. It's the only way to determine if the dinner party had finally shut up. Part of the conversation revolved around one woman's allowance. Apparently, Daddy had lowered it this year to 120,000 (pounds) and she was having a hard time living within her means. Not sure I can sympathize. She still snagged the entire bill and paid in cash. I kept wondering why her friend came for dinner.

Enough sniping for one blog post. We still had an enjoyable meal and the later it got, the calmer the restaurant became. We liked the classic cocktails (much needed) and the traditional prosciutto, Parmesan,  and mozzarella as well as the calamari. We were a bit surprised that the calamari did not include some tentacles. I appreciated the wood stone oven pizza and the different ingredients available. The porchetta and sage pizza was unusual , but tasty.

Aperol Spritz
Aperol Spritz
Meat and Cheese
A board of meat and cheese - Yum!
Fried Calamari
Porchetta and Sage Pizza
Porchetta and Sage Pizza


golfballs said...

Beautiful photographs - make me nostalgic for London and the myriad of fabulous restaurants.

Your photography is lovely and exxactly conveys the feeling of London.



golfballs said...

Super photos - great subjects - make me hungry and nostalgic for London