Sunday, May 12, 2013

Churchill War Rooms

On a cloudy day we went to the Churchill War Rooms. This was a bunker in Whitehall where Winston Churchill and staff planned strategy during World War 2. In some ways this place was fascinating. The bunker is recreated as it was then. I really liked the vintage items and the signage. Because of the close quarters and the audio guide, it's hard to maneuver around. Attached to the bunker is a fairly new Churchill Museum. This place was dark and hard to follow. Most of the items required a ton of reading, but with the number of visitors, this was tough to do. If we had visited at the height of Summer, it would have been so much worse. To top it off, admission was 17 pounds. Very expensive and crowded. Not sure if it was worth it for us.

I did mange a few snaps of the bunker area, however.

Entrance to Staff Sleeping Bunker
Entry to Staff Sleeping Quarters. The hall was not tall enough to stand erect.
Quiet Please - Winston's Room
Winston's Office - He also made a few radio broadcasts from here
Remington Noiseless
Remington Noiseless Typewriter
Brendan Bracken Room
Sleeping Quarters for the minister of Information
Veritys Fan
Veritys Fan
Map Room
Window to the Map Room

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bfish said...

Gotta say I've been to this attraction twice and found it quite fascinating! But, admittedly there's really not one thing I've seen or done on trips to the UK that I wouldn't want to repeat so please take my comment with a few grains of salt.