Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tate Britain

Tate Britain is the sister of Tate Modern. In fact, Tate Britain was the first Tate. When Tate Modern opened Tate was renamed Tate Britain. Tate Britain focuses on British artists from 1500 to today. Tate Britain is free, except for special exhibitions. We were delighted to see the wide range of offerings. Something that seemed awfully strange: most of the art - oils, pastels, you name it, were framed with glass. The glass had some incredible glare at times. So while we were free to take photos, we had to be very selective. We still have a good time exploring the variety of UK art.

Tate Britain


Edward Baily - The First Duke of Wellington

Jacob Epstein - The Visitation

Nathaniel Bacon - Vegetables

Edward Frampton - Brittany

Christopher Nevinson - Bursting Shell

Mark Wallinger - Where There's Muck

Jann Haworth - Beads and Background

Chris Ofili - No Woman, No Cry

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