Tuesday, August 31, 2010

VMFA, Amuse, ArtWorks, and Cafe Rustica

Last Friday was busy. We visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to wander and have cocktails at Amuse.

Friday around 5 PM turned out to be an excellent time to check out the sculpture garden.

Folks had not quite arrived for the evening, so we thrilled to the fact that the wide white airy expanse was bare.

Two barstools awaited our arrival at Amuse. Tommy fixed a Blackhound for me (vodka, muddled blackberries, elderberry and thyme syrup, and grapfruit juice).

For hubby - a Richmond Summer (rum, vanilla bean syrup, mint, orange, and club soda).

With drinks tossed off, we headed for the 20th century section and enjoyed some of the more colorful details of the collection.

And then, off to ArtWorks for the August All Media show benefitting the Richmond SPCA (a photo of my darling kitty had also made the art show cut and is proudly displayed along with the other wonderful pet-related art). While at the show we hopped next door to Russell Projects. I was most impressed with the paintings of Susan Jamison - bright, eclectic, thoughtful, provocative.

We then headed back across the James to eat at Cafe Rustica. A 2007 Perrin and Fils Gigondas called to us and we answered "Here!" Bright cherry at first taste. As the bottle received air, it became more hearty with a deeper fruitiness.

The Tuscan bean soup was delicious.

The German pot roast with roasted bacon potatoes turned out to be most excellent comfort food as well as the Jaegerschnitzel with red cabbage.

We believe that Cafe Rustica is the only place in Richmond serving German cuisine. We are glad of it.

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BaconGrease said...

That was a busy day, I have yet to have drinks or food at VMFA but hope to soon. I have always enjoyed cafe rustica.