Friday, November 13, 2009

Westwood Fountain

Ah, there's just something about drug store lunch counters. These days they are few and far between. And for me they do not jump out as a place to go for lunch, even though I grew up with them and enjoy eating at them.

Well, this past Wed. we were headed for Goochland and thinking about a place on Patterson for lunch. Suddenly..."Let's go to Westwood!"

And so we embarked upon our first dining experience at this very experienced and expanded lunch counter. Of course, many others already knew about the place. Neighbors and friends stop by, recognize each other, and chat.

And while my hubby ordered a club (which was decent, but the bread could have been toasted more), I went for a more bold choice employing a large part of the grill - A Cheesy Western - a hamburger, American cheese, and a fried egg and an order of fries along with a Coke.

Such a mouth-satisfying delight.

I need to drop by for breakfast. The Egg in a Nest would make this bird chirp sweetly.

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