Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nadolski's Butcher Shop - Goochland

If you live in the Goochland area, stop by Nadolski's Butcher Shop. The shop (located on Rt. 6 River Road West) features locally sourced meats, homemade sausages, and a "Meat for the Week" special. They also serve as a certified deer check station and can process and package your venison.


The Husband said...

We'll make a point to stop by. Always good to know about another local meat processor. Thanks!

SS said...

This place is a rip-off, My family got the “Meat for a Week “and got nothing close to what they advertised (I.E.) they made a lot of substations and gave us much less (weight wise) then they were advertising. My wife works in the Restaurant business and it took all 6'-3" 270 pounds of me to stop her from going back and tearing the owners a new one. They won’t be getting anymore of our money, which when it comes to food is a lot for us.

alissa said...

It's great to see your comments, but I wish if people had something to complain about they would call us and let us know personally (804-556-4888). We're a small, family-owned operation that relies heavily on our reputation to keep us in business. From what we see and hear from the customers who come back weekly for our packages, they are happy and satisfied with our selections. Perhaps your 270-lbs. should consider a phone call before you publicly try to ruin our business - and perhaps the fish case is where you should look more (it's less calories). - Alissa Nadolski

alissa said...

That's great to see comments about our shop. Although, we wish people who complain would call us (804-556-4888) rather than post snide remarks online. We are a small family-run business that relies heavily on our reputation. We have many customer's who return every week for our packages and are happily satisfied. Perhaps your 270-lb. husband should look more at the fish case (it's less calories) - Alissa Nadolski

Mike said...

I can't speak to SS's complaint, but my wife and I stopped by this weekend, and had a great experience. The service was friendly, and the meats were excellent.

The shop is about a 25-minute drive for us, but we'll be going back.

Here's hoping for Nadolski's continued success.

Colleen Wms said...

Nadolski's is here to stay. They offer the best quality meat and seafood. They are so friendly and are willing to go the extra mile for any special requests we've had so far.
Just check their facebook page and see all their fans! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Goochland-VA/Nadolskis-Butcher-Shop/178365715233?ref=ts

VIMLR007 said...

Good one Alissa.
Nasty people hide behind pseudonyms!

I know for a fact that ANY complaint no matter how small is taken care of instantly. I personally know of a customer that got some oysters that would just not open. Jonathan was mortified and sent one of his staff 10 miles to hand deliver replacements. Now that is SERVICE!@

So, SS -- I agree - go stuff yourself !!!