Sunday, November 15, 2009

We Did Eat at Fleming's

The allure of a $25 credit at Fleming's was too overwhelming. We dined on a Friday night. And we had a most enjoyable experience (aside from the very curt and unfriendly hostess who confirmed our reservation in her computer). Hostess aside, the host was quite friendly as he seated us at our table. Our waiter did not contrive to put on a wine snob attitude and did not rush us to decide upon dinner or dessert. Our wine was decanted. We did not have to pour our own wine, the staff took care of that throughout the evening. The management came by twice to make sure we were having a good time and to thank us for taking advantage of the Holiday program. Our bill automatically had the $25 credit attached to it (no paper coupons) and we were presented with another gift card for the new year.

All of this attention! We lapped it up. And the attention did not smother us. But we did notice that even on a Friday night, the place was not packed. A few empty tables remained during the evening. This would not have been the case a couple of years ago. For my part, I reveled in the attention. For a place with high price points, the service has to be above expectations. Fleming's delivered on this night.

And, they also delivered on scrumptious food and wine. We started with glasses of white - Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc for hubby and Helfrich Alsatian Pinot Gris for me. Both delicious and both paired well with the Caesar salad that we split. And since we stated up front that we would split the salad, it was presented on two plates with chilled forks. The dressing definitely made use of anchovies and both wines held their own with the little fishies.

For dinner we ordered a 2007 Chelsea Goldschmidt Merlot to drink. Full bodied and satisfying.

My spouse selected the Rockfish and Scallops special and I had the Veal Chop. We also split a Half and Half side - shoestring potatoes and giant onion rings fried in peanut oil. Both entrees were very tasty. Fleming's did a great job in preparing the veal.

Although tempting, no dessert.

Hands down this was the best Fleming's experience we have ever had. I hope they continue to wow their diners.

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