Saturday, August 09, 2008

Filipino Festival Visit

Thank goodness it was not any hotter at the Filipino Festival! The sun was a scorcher and there were not enough seats under the tents to view the stage (and get relief from the heat!).

We arrived a little before noon and parking was already filling up quickly. The food line seemed long, but flowed quickly. And, yes, there was lechon...

We ate heartily with the lumpia and the pancit being our favorites.

This was my plate. Clockwise from the rice I had lechon, chicken adobo, pancit, and lumpia.

Next year, if it is any hotter, we will pick up our food at the drive-thru station.

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veron said...

I did not go this year because the last time I went the line was so long but if I knew they had lechon I wouldn't care how long the line got!