Saturday, March 23, 2013

Waypoint Grill in Williamsburg

I visit Williamsburg about once a year. I used to live there many years ago and the place lost most of its charm for me while I was there. One of the things that I did enjoy about the place was my introduction to the world of wine and food. Hubby and I took a wine appreciation class; we belonged to a wine tasting club; and we attended numerous wine dinners. The most memorable of those dinners were at the Williamsburg Inn with Chef Hans Schadler presiding over the event. This was where I discovered the pure joy of a perfect wine and food pairing. How a wine may taste one way before the tasting of the food and evolve into something else while eating. This was where I ate fish and raved about it. I had portobello mushrooms that actually tasted like steak. Seven courses with all of the formalness that was the Williamsburg Inn back in the day. And Chef Schadler could fix anything and I knew it would be delicious.

A little over a year ago. Chef Schadler returned to the Williamsburg area to open Waypoint Grill located in a fairly new shopping center. They were open for Saturday lunch and we made the trek to try it out. The setting is contemporary graced with tidewater-influenced art. Weekend lunch was a good time to dine. Not too busy, yet, the wait staff were attentive and competent. I very much appreciated the continued wine service throughout our meal.

Waypoint Grill

Yes, we splurged and had wine. An old friend: Alexander Valley Merlot. We have found this wine to be consistently good and drinkable over the years. Waypoint Grill has a lovely selection of whites, reds, and sparklings with prices ranging from $27 to $89 per bottle. The Alexander Valley was $39 which is about twice the retail price.

Alexander Valley Merlot

For lunch Waypoint Grill offered a short list of "Beginnings." The Simply Fried Shrimp caught my eye. The Simply Fried Oysters attracted my hubby. The menu should have listed them as Simply Perfect, because they were in both taste and presentation. Lightly breaded and succulent served with a remoulade-like sauce; crowned with perfectly fried onions. We could have ordered a second helping. Both were $9 each.

Fried Shrimp

Fried Oysters

Because I was having fried shrimp as a first course I ordered French Onion Soup Gratin ($6) as a second course. Traditionally made, and a large serving. A nice accompaniment to the Merlot we were enjoying.

French Onion Soup

Hubby could not resist trying the Oven Braised "Pot Roast" with fingerling potatoes and vegetables ($11). The beef was tasty and oh-so-tender.  Such a great dish for a winter's day and more than generous portions. For him he had the ultimate in surf and turf.

Pot Roast

We were too stuffed for dessert, but the apple cobbler/dumpling sounded divine. If you are headed to Williamsburg, take some time to seek out Waypoint Grill. Since they are in a little shopping center away from the main tourist attractions, the restaurant caters to locals. Not many places in the old colonial capitol care about the people who actually live there. The service was excellent; the food extraordinarily satisfying.


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