Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gearhart's Chocolates

Just imagine. It's Valentine's Day. I arrive home from a busy day at work. I check the mailbox; no mail. I look down and see a package addressed to me. This is unusual. I never receive packages. Could it be that my hubby sent a package? Highly unusual. And he planned it just so to arrive on February 14? No way.

I was right. So, who was thoughtful enough to send me a package to arrive and and delight me on Valentine's Day? Gearhart's Chocolates! It was a complimentary 8 piece sampler box. And, yes, I fell in love.


The artistic assortment included Earl Grey, Mint Julep, and Maple Pecan. All perfectly crafted and perfectly delicious.

Gearharts Chocolates

I adored the pattern on the Raspberry-Zin.

Gearharts Raspberry-Zin

With Easter just around the corner and then Mother's Day not far after that, consider an artful, decadent, and most-appreciated gift of Gearhart's. They can even deliver!

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