Saturday, June 11, 2011

SOJ 6/11/2011

A hot one today at the South of the James Market, but that did not stop folks from attending. Many thanks to all of the producers who harvested yummy items this past week to have available for today. The weather has been brutally hot. I applaud your stamina!

We picked up a fresh chicken from Ault's (we plan on smoking it tomorrow!); radicchio, Japanese turnips, and garlic from Manakintowne Growers; Yukon Gold potatoes and arugula from Fertile Crescent Farm (picked and washed!); spring red onions from Pleitez Produce; carrots from Bill's Produce; pork chops from Root Force Collective (from year old pigs that foraged on acorns and such in the forest); a spot of tea from Koralee Coffee; iced coffee from Blanchard's (they always have a sugar syrup to sweeten your cold brew - much better than granular sugar); noodles and egg rolls from Tropical Safari; and a pork taco from El Cielito Lindo.

Of course, all manner of other goodies were also available. Tomatoes were beginning to trickle in and beets and other greens were also abundant. As we entered and exited the market, our favorite bluesman, Markiss Blowfish serenaded the crowd and tried to stay cool.

Here are some photos. If you have photos of any of the local markets, post them here.

Veggie Baskets

Spring Onions

Noodles and Spring Rolls

Greens Basket

Fat Carrots


Beginning of Tomato Season

The beginning of a lifelong affair with barbeque

Potato Baskets

Pork Taco and Hot Sauce

Kissy Kissy

Black Radish

Sunny Day at SOJ

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Sunnie Ha said...

Oh gosh! The spring rolls look amazing and terribly scrumptious. It reminds me of Hawaii, well the country side of Hawaii.