Sunday, June 05, 2011

Bar and Art

Ah Friday. The end of the work week. We took advantage of the most excellent weather and headed for downtown. We parked in the vicinity of the Jefferson and leisurely strolled to Bistro Bobette for drinks and eats.

Although small, the bar at Bobette is truly the best place to be. I like arriving early. Olivier, the bartender, and John, one of the waiters always greets me and my hubby warmly. We talk about food, other area restaurants, cocktails, and wine. They are always genuine and treat other new arrivals with enthusiasm as well. No wonder they have so many regulars. If they were in walking distance, I would be tempted to pop in practically every night.

For this night I started with a refreshing rose from Provence.


We followed up with a bottle of Syrah from the Rhone. Very spicy red; although the spice went away while we were eating and promptly returned after the meal.


We then ordered steak frites from the bar menu.


The beef was the perfect medium rare and very tender. The frites, lovely.

We were tempted by dessert and gave into the urge. I had a chocolate hazelnut croustillant - a lucious cake with a crispy layer adding texture and crunch to this delicious concoction.


Hubby got the cherry sorbet. Rich, ripe, summer decadence that was very refreshing. The colorful presentation also delighted us.


After a wonderful dinner we headed up Broad for the First Fridays Art Walk. Lots of folks were out and about. Gallery 5 featured Skull Appreciation as well as bass vibes from Todd Matthews. Studio 8 West gave us art and models. Ghostprint presented a juried show. And we saw many other delights. A few pics are below:

Studio 8 West Perseus

Studio 8 West Smile

Art Groove

Skeleton Marionettes

Bass Playing

Skull Appreciation

Art Appreciation

Art 6 Reception

First Fridays Artwalk Banner

This type of evening makes Richmond a fun and special place, at least for me.

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