Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Broad Appetit 2011

Several posts on this already and here's my take. Best food festival in Richmond. This is the place where local chefs and establishments do an excellent job of showcasing all of the fabulous foodieness available in RVA. Well done all!

I celebrate the fact that it's on Broad Street. Broad Street is wide enough to accommodate the vendors and patrons with room enough to line the sidewalks with tables and chairs. Brilliant design. While lots of folks attended, I did not feel so squished.

A couple of peeves. Why have this in June when it's hot? I go early, eat hearty, and leave. I'm not for roasting (unless it's say, a chicken). Second peeve - some vendors were not ready with food at 11 AM. We overheard that they were waiting on a health certificate. I don't know if the inspector was late or he/she had been early and found no one around. If the festival starts at 11 AM, be ready. By the time I get back to you, I may be full of other goodies or the line at your place is too long and the temperature is too hot for me to practice patience.

Some brief food highlights:

Great to see Lehja participate from the Far West End and their shrimp and bean salad was divine.

Acacia had stinger sliders. A new taste adventure. While the stingray was a bit too fishy for me, I was glad I tried it. And Acacia had lovely soft shell crabs. I had tried soft shells years ago, more than once, and I hated them. Way too crunchy. Acacia had been talking up how they pick their velvets, but since they were only an entree, I was not going to be adventurous at the restaurant. At Broad Appetit, I had my chance and they convinced me that soft shells can be good. I was impressed!

Of course the macarons from Petites Bouchees were to die for. The hazelnut with the salted butter caramel was my favorite.

My hubby enjoyed the meatballs from Avenue 805 as well as the salmon fritters from Tastebuds American Bistro.

The crabcake and spoonbread combination from M Bistro was also noteworthy. As well as the lobster and shrimp roll with housemade (or tentmade) chips from U of R.

I'll leave you with some photos of the event. It was great to see Richmond support all of the restaurants at Broad Appetit! I had a delicious time.

M Bistro - Crabcake and Spoonbread

Acacia - Soft Shell Crab

Shyndigz Cake

Lined up for Franklin Inn

Avenue 805 - Meatballs

Bonvenu - Lox and Pickles

UR Lobster and Shrimp Roll

Ettamae's Cafe

Louisiana Flair

Andrew from Tastebuds American Bistro


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