Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to Northside Enoteca Sogno!

At last! Enoteca Sogno in Northside! We waited and waited. I'm so very glad we are in walking distance. I'm thrilled that the building has been spruced up. As we entered Farouk enthusiastically greeted us, seated us, and proceeded to serve us.

We ordered a nice Albe Barolo.

Enoteca Sogno - Albe Barolo
A hearty splurge

We then shared the white beans and arugula crostini and the trio of salami from Olli Salumeria. Yummy, yummy!

Enoteca Sogno - Tuscan Beans
One of my favorite dishes - simple and elegant

Enoteca Sogno - Salami Trio
The first we have tried this brand. It will not be the last
 For the main event we selected the pasta with bolognese. Mmmm!

Enoteca Sogno - Pasta Bolognese
Fresh pasta and lots of meat. Mmmm!

And we continued to get our Italian on with some espresso.

Enoteca Sogno - Espresso
Gettin' our Italian on with some Illy

Oh so lovely and a great way to celebrate a wedding anniversary! Thank you Enoteca Sogno. We are glad you are here.


Anonymous said...

Looks interesting -- what's the dress code there?

pjpink said...

Casual dress is fine.

Anonymous said...

Love Love your blog. Thanks for all the posts, It makes me want to visit VA again!
I share a lot of the same interests as your blog, please check mine out!
~Abi Krywy