Sunday, May 22, 2011

SOJ 5/21/2011

The South of the James Market was bright and sunny and crowded yesterday. Of course, we got our little fresh chicken from Ault's and picked up carrots from Victory Farms, cinnamon honey from Alfredo's, fresh pasta from Cavanna's, and snow peas from Fertile Crescent. Blanchard's had iced coffee and we had noodles from Tropical Safari and a breakfast sandwich from Meat on the Street. There were lots of other wonderful items, too. Take a gander at some photos:

Ravishing Radishes


Surveying the Market

Lettuces in Wooden Crate

Markiss Blowfish
Markiss Blowfish - Our favorite Blues Man

Alfredo's Honey

Purple Kohlrabi

Turnips Basking in the Sun

If you have photos of any of the local markets, post them here.

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