Saturday, May 14, 2011


We spent a Sunday in Siena. A bit of a longer train ride from Florence, but still easy to visit. The station was located further away, but we decided to hoof it instead of taking the bus. While Florence is nestled in a valley with the Arno River flowing through it, Siena is located on a hill. As we climbed to the top of the hill from the station we saw runners participating in a race.

DSC_0493 (3)
Running in Siena

Siena featured narrow streets and were filled with wonderful retail shops. Numerous folks were out for a stroll and window shopping, similar to us strolling Carytown or visiting Merchants Square in Colonial Williamsburg.
DSC_0524 (3)
Narrow street. No cars (or scooters)

DSC_0511 (3)

DSC_0096 (7)

DSC_0067 (7)
Colorful ceramics

DSC_0068 (7)
Sacred artistry

DSC_0065 (7)

DSC_0040 (7)

DSC_0031 (7)

The main cathedral was extremely ornate. We did not have much time and did not pay the admission fee to enter. We were content to admire the outside.
DSC_0637 (2)

DSC_0633 (3)
Horse carving

DSC_0624 (3)

The town square or Piazza del Campo (really shaped like a fan) was the gathering spot. Twice in the summer dirt is thrown over the bricks and cobbles and the Palio di Siena or horse race takes place. I can't imagine the crowds or how the horses successfully navigate the course.
DSC_0581 (3)
Pictures of Palio horses hung on buiildings

DSC_0578 (3)
Vendor on Piazza del Campo

DSC_0574 (3)
Palazzo Pubblico and Torre del Mangia

DSC_0539 (3)
Fountain in the Piazza dle Campo

DSC_0532 (3)
Eating establishments abound

DSC_0035 (7)
Hanging out in the sun

On this day we only had to contend with a few visitors. We randomly picked an outside eating establishment for lunch called Il Campo. Numerous restaurants lined the public gathering spot. All had outdoor seating and adequate umbrellas to ward off the sun. We enjoyed penne pasta with red sauce and grilled beef steak with roasted potatoes. The house wine was dreadful and the only wine that was barely drinkable while we were in Italy.
DSC_0025 (7)
Cyclists relaxing

DSC_0023 (7)
Penne pasta at Il Campo

DSC_0022 (7)
Grilled beef steak and potatoes

DSC_0020 (7)
Don't drink this wine

DSC_0017 (7)
A great location for people watching

After lunch we wandered around some more. I enjoyed seeing more ironwork and we did not see graffiti in the old part of the city.
DSC_0607 (3)

DSC_0593 (3)

DSC_0585 (3)

DSC_0556 (3)

DSC_0052 (7)

A lovely visit.


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