Sunday, March 28, 2010

That Old Familiar Feeling at Rosie Connolly's

We hooked up with ET this past week at Rosie Connolly's.

This is ET's home away from home. A cider for her (Magnus this evening), a Snakebite for me (Harp and cider), and Half and Half for hubby (Harp and Guinness). The bar area with the heavy dark wood tables and stools along with the plaid cushions provide a comfy and lived-in atmosphere.

While the food is plain pub fare that could  use a dash of salt and pepper, the mashed potatoes are real. And the owners and staff are down to earth and welcoming. Almost everyone who enters is a regular. Folks are warmly greeted as they settle in for a pint or two.

And the owners have been through a lot. They signed the papers for the pub the day before Gaston blew in and drowned out the Bottom. Hats off to them for courage and perserverance.

It's a freindly neighborhood place. And the Snakebites are awesome.

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And don't forget the 500 + 4 = 1 Giveaway though April 1.

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