Monday, March 22, 2010

Meeting Patty Green

Last Thursday J. Emerson hosted a free tasting of Patricia Green wines.

And Patty herself poured her wonderful creations. She even served a chardonnay that I could drink without gagging. But the real star was Nortorious (a bit too pricy for us, but just the opportunity to taste this fantastic wine was appreciated). A sumptuous, yet hearty pinot noir. She was nice and signed our bottle, too!

Why more folks do not attend these FREE and fantastic tastings, I can't speculate. I can just tell you what you missed. This Thursday J. Emerson is hosting a FREE 2000 Bordeaux tasting. If you want to know more about French Bordeaux, this is the tasting for you.

After we our tasting last week we wandered over to Cafe Caturra and listened to the Brazilian vocals of Laura Ann Singh.

We imbibed a great cabernet

And enjoyed baked potato soup, egg salad, Greek salad, and a chicken club. What a great evening.

And don't forget the 500 + 4 = 1 Giveaway! Now through April 1.


Anonymous said...

Where do you find out about all the free wine tastings?

pjpink said...

For most of them, I go to the web site of the wine shop and sign up for the electronic newsletter. A lot of shops have a tasting every Friday. J. Emerson is generally once a month, but occasionally they have two. A few shops are also on Facebook and Twitter.

wilsonmw said...

Patty Green makes some of best Pinots I have tasted for the price. Wine Lover's cannot keep her in stock.