Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Night at Lulu's

Back in the beginning of December we finally made it down to the Bottom and had dinner at Lulu's. Loved the decor, especially the Trask paintings. We were lucky enough to arrive right before the masses walked in and were seated at an open booth immediately.

We ordered an inexpensive but tasty Cabernet.

And I could not resist trying an appetizer - Smoked Chicken Nachos on Crispy Wonton Chips, with avocado creme and chipotle aioli. Oh yes! I loved the smokiness of the chicken. The wontons stayed crispy. And what's not to like about avocado and chipotle? My mouth is watering all over again.

For entrees, I stepped out of my food box and had Pan Fried Cornmeal Crusted Carolina Trout stuffed with dirty rice, and tasso ham gravy. Gotta give a thumbs up on the trout head. The cornmeal crust tasted like the trout was wrapped in corn bread, which I really liked. But because of the presentation, the fish was served skin side up and I had to flip it over to avoid the skin. I also encountered a few bones, so I had to be extremely cautious in eating and chewing (part of the reason I do not like fish). My trepidation impeded my enjoyment. The rice seemed a bit bland.

My hubby could not resist ordering Steve’s Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes w/ vegetable du jour and mushroom demi-glace. He thought it was decent (but not like Mom's - of course not, it was Steve's!).

While our dishes did not wow us, the service was great and Lulu's sported a good wine list. We would be willing to go back again and try other dishes...and order more smoked chicken nachos!

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bellalately said...

It's def. a good cocktails and apps kind of place. I ordered the same dish you did back for my bday in Oct- it was overly seasoned and I had to send it back. And that's saying a lot b/c I like salt. This was just inedible, so I'm glad I could lay the groundwork to make your meal palatable ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree, this must be more of a apps and beverage place because the entrees are unsatisfactory. IF I ever go back, it will only be to try the nachos. Bottom line, there are better places to eat at.