Friday, June 22, 2007

Northside Ladies, Pad Thai, and Chocolate Martinis

An adventure for the Northside Ladies Dining Club was long overdue. We headed for Pad Thai on Meadowbridge, south of the 295 interchange. As we parked we were wary. An old gas station converted into a restaurant along a two lane road that none of us travel upon regularly. Is this really a place to have dinner? The interior was a different story - bright, clean, and airy with leaf-motif vinyl tablecloths and tasteful traditional decorations. We treated ourselves to steamed dumplings - ground pork and shrimp enclosed by wonton wrappers and served with a dark sweet sauce. I could have made a meal off of these delectable babies. We also had spring rolls - crispy fried with a nice fish sauce. For the main event we all ordered something different - Drunken Noodles with Shrimp; a Pad dish (#51) with chicken, wide noodles, green beans, and spinach; Duck with red curry served in a clay pot; and Spicy crispy duck with green and red peppers. The most raves were bestowed upon the curry dish (with pineapple and coconut milk) and Pad #51 (very flavorful sauce). The crispy duck became a little too crispy in the end. Alas, there is only so much crispy skin in which one should indulge. Still, I would go back just for the steamed dumplings.

The night was still young and we had not finished gabbing. One person (bless you, BT!) in our party offered to make us chocolate martinis at her house. How could we pass this up? And what martinis! Check out these ingredients:

Absolut Vanilla
Bailey's Irish Cream
Godiva Liqueur
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
Chocolate Whipped Cream
A Bit of a Chocolate Bar Waiting at the Bottom of the Glass

We sipped these chocolate decadences on the back porch and shared stories. Once again, another fine gathering for the Northside Ladies.

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checkplease said...

I LOVE Pad Thai (the restaurant and the dish). Glad to hear you and your friends had a good meal...and to top if off with a chocolate martini? Sounds like my kinda night. Thanks for posting the drink recipe. I'll have to try it.