Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Best Laid Last Minute Plans

Have you ever been more ambitious, cooking wise, than you have time for? That happened to me tonight. I wracked my noggin for dinner ideas. No luck. As I drove over to J. Emerson for the B.R. Cohn wine tasting (which was yummy, by the way), I stopped by the tiny vegetable/fruit stand on Libbie. I just had to get tomatoes. I just had to make fresh sauce. After the tasting, I proceeded to Joe’s Market to pick up fresh mozzarella, green olives, and a rustic batard. I had formulated a plan – baked pasta with fresh tomato sauce, olives, and capers. I arrived home and realized I needed to go to a friend’s house to take care of some cats while my friends are sunning themselves in Portugal (no bitterness here, no, really – they were kind enough to take care of my sweeties when I was away). Upon returning home I ran straight into the reality that it’s almost 7:30PM. There was no way I could cook what I had planned to cook. Alas, I pulled out some leftover frozen sauce, heated it, and served it over angel hair pasta with the rustic batard. Oh well, everything will keep. What does my schedule look like on Friday…?

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