Sunday, June 24, 2007

Northside Grille

Our overnight friends left for home on Sunday after cups of coffee and brief conversation (It had been an extremely late night). My husband and I went back to bed and woke up much later. We landed at Northside Grille a little after 2 PM. Northside Grille is located at 1217 Bellevue Avenue and just opened for a grateful Northside crowd. When we walked in, they were busy with a seemingly limited wait staff. Both the bar and dining roomed looked to be non-smoking, at least no one lit up while we were there. Exposed brick walls, green painted wainscoting, blue framing. I liked the look of the space. Bryce Miller was playing electric piano for the Sunday crowd. We were in a discombobulated mood and tried to order from the brunch menu only to be told that they stopped serving brunch at 2 PM (this important tidbit of information was left off of the menu leaving the wait staff to explain not only to us, but the table behind us that it was too late for brunch). We tried again. This time I ordered a bowl of the Crab Bisque. We decided on the Lumpia appetizer (Filipino egg rolls with pork, beef, and vegetables with a garlic sesame dipping sauce) to share. And my husband had the Cold Plate (chicken salad, egg salad, and tuna salad over greens). Prices were $5, $7, and $8. Very strange combination (we definitely were discombobulated). We passed on the $2 Mimosas and the $10 Mojito carafes after lots of wine and food the previous night. I hope these specials continue to be present on Sunday, because I definitely want to try them!

I really liked my soup – lots of crab in a very rich creamy base with just enough Old Bay spice to feel a little heat. A bowl was plenty. The Lumpia (5) were very greasy and a touch cold in the middle. The bottom of our basket was pooled with oil. I liked the dipping sauce. My husband’s salad plate was typical. He grew somewhat tired of the egg salad, but the portions were large and he was satisfied.

I’m not sure if we would order again what we had selected on this day, but I will definitely go back. The brunch features omelettes as well as green eggs and ham. Prices range from $5 to $8. Very reasonable. Sandwiches and wraps come with a choice of fries, potato salad, cole slaw, or pasta salad. If you want onion rings, add a buck. Price range $6-9. Entrees ($11-18) are served after 5 PM and feature Crab Cakes, Tempura Battered Ahi Tuna, and Chicken Carbonara.
We saw a wine by the glass list, but did not see a bottle list. I’m sure we will check out the wines (or maybe the mojitos) on our next visit.

Northside Grille
1217 Bellevue Avenue

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