Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Word to the Wise

If Buz and Ned's happens to be out of pork (like they were last Monday), go somewhere else to eat. They can do pork up right, and I always drool over the baby back ribs, but the beef brisket and catfish are just okay and the prices are too high for just okay. We were also disappointed that the wine list has been pared down to three extremely cheap varieties. All right, I admit it, we were probably the only people to order wine by the bottle at a barbeque joint, but I, for one, miss drinking a Perrin Cotes du Rhone or a Roseblum Zinfandel or even an Australian Shiraz while chowing down on smoked ribs. And if you order a 4 piece catfish dinner, make sure you count your pieces...

Addedum: The staff also padded my credit card bill by $40. I'm still getting this straightened out.


buzandneds said...

Thanks for your patronage and sorry for a not so perfect meal at Buz and Ned's.
You happened to pick the first evening in 15 years of operation that we misjudged our cook. If I was a baseball player I would be making billions with that record.
As you mentioned we did have other yummie items to choose from. As for the prices of the items being "too high"...I ask, compared to what? Since no one in this town offers a 100% wood cooked product I ask again, 'compared to what'? We are certainly not higher than the chains yet we should be.
As for the wine, we have all those you mentioned (less the Cote du Rhone which didn't sell)...they were prominently displayed on our wine and beer selection display and were in stock. Which are the "cheap" wines you are referring to? We sell only inexpensive wines that are well reviewed and personally tasted by me and others more expert than me.
We never sell cheap wines.Just as a helpful hint, professional wine buyers will tell you 'don't buy according to how much it costs' you tend to overpay and lose out on some great tasting wine.Just look at what Parker says about our Vega Sindoa Spanish house wines that you dismissed as "cheap wine". You will be suprised and maybe a little embarassed I would guess.
By the way, our customers from Texas and Kansas City think our brisket is as good as they've had. Go figure.

pjpink said...

Thank you so much for responding. I am sure you have resolved your cook issue. We had asked for the wine list and the staff did not offer us anything that was on display at the top of the shelf. They only pulled out two already opened bottles from the refrigerator and a sparkling cava. If we had known that you still carried the other products, we would have purchased a bottle of wine. I really like your selections. They go well with barbeque.
As for the brisket, it just did not float my boat although it was definitely smoked. I grew up eating pork barbeque and am partial to the stuff.

Anonymous said...

My problem with B&N's is the price, no question. 100% wood cooked? Sounds great, tastes great, but not so much better than Extra Billy's that it's worth the extra $$$. And with E.B.'s you get enough to take home and have the next day. I like Buz and Ned's, and I will go back, but I've never seen a smaller amount of meat for the price when it comes to BBQ.

Janet said...

I think Buz & Ned's is a good value. Is it priced higher than other places, yes, but the quality makes it a better value.

Anonymous said...

I agree with comment regarding B&N's prices. I recently visited B&N's and don't get all the hype. The food was OK, but I think this place was made famous by being on a TV show. First you wait in a line which winds around the very small dining area. After about 15 mins we were called and then sat at the only vacant table. After a few minutes, we decided to move outside because we were tired of the line of people in line bumping into us. Outside you get to sit under a tent only to be annoyed by an abundance of flies. My lunch which included a beef sandwich(small portion of meat), sweet potato fries, onion rings and a beer. With Richmond's 10% tax my bill was right at $20. Is $20 high for what I had? In my book it is. For $20 I can sit down in a nice comfortable restaurant and have a steak.