Sunday, May 20, 2007

A new local wine site has hit the web - Tripp Fenderson is the brains behind this celebration of wine in the Richmond area (with a few posts by yours truly). The basic premise is:

We like wine
We also live in Richmond.
This is our web site and you're more than welcome to hang out with us. 'Nuf said.

I love it!


john m said...

Smart move!

2 comments: 1) that site needs contact info more obviously placed, 2) they should add Cafe Gutenberg and Jumpin'J's to the directory.

pjpink said...

John - Thanks for the suggestions. I will pass them along.

Tripp said...

Thanks for the info on Cafe Gutenberg and Jumpin' J's.

I'll get those added shortly along with a few other suggestions that came in this afternoon (Hondos and Manakin Grill).

veron said...

nice! :)