Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Viognier & Winter Wine Specials at CanCan

The other night we wandered over to CanCan. Currently, they are focusing on Vins de Pays or regional French wines. The best gem we found turned out to be a white: Miquel Laurent Vin de Pays D'oc Viognier. Ever since I discovered this grape at a Virginia Winery many, many years ago, I have had a disappointing love affair with this white grape. Usually, Viognier has an extremely floral nose. The wine literally smells like flowers. Alas, the taste does not approach the bouquet. The area in France that produces appellation Viogniers is Condrieu. These wines are prohibitively expensive. The Viognier at CanCan had hardly a nose at all, but the taste overwhelmed us with flowers, particularly orchids. What a find!

There are several ways to enjoy this Viognier as well as the many other gems that CanCan carries. Check out these wine specials now through April:

Sunday - Half Price Vin de Pays Bottles
Monday - $5 Regional Wine by the Glass
Tuesday - 50% Off Reserve Wine List
Wednesday - Half Price House Wine
Thursday - $3 Half Glass of Wine
Friday - Open Glass Night - All wines from Brasserie List available by the glass
Saturday - Half Price Sparkling Wine by the Bottle

A Votre Sante!


MMH said...

Great info! I've just moved from DC and am trying to find the gems among the rocks here in Richmond when it comes to restaurants. I know, not a very good description but you get my drift.

pjpink said...

Welcome to Richmond MMH! Richmond is no DC, I'll grant you, but there are a lot of things happening here. The Belmont Butchery (located on Belmont St. and two block from Carytown) is a great little gem. Let me know if you are looking for something in particular and I'll at least give you my opinion.

BTW, did you ever eat at Dino in Cleveland Park in DC. I adore that place.

MMH said...

I lived near Old Town Alexandria (we could walk) so I didn't venture into DC as much as I should have. My favorites are Restaurant Eve, Vermilion, Evening Star and Bistrot du Coin (in Dupont Circle).

My first item to find is a good cheese shop. We had a place in Del Ray (also a neighborhood in Alexandria) called Cheesetique. It smelled terrible when you walked in so you knew it was a great cheese shop!! Anything near that here in Richmond?