Saturday, January 20, 2007

Davis & Main

We have already grown tired of the takeout routine, so, last night we headed over to River City Cellars for the Friday night tasting (they had a very tasty 2005 Brouilly) and then walked to Davis & Main. We were a little surprised at how smoky the place was. We didn’t see anyone currently smoking at the bar, thus, we determined it was the leftover odor from the night before. But it was cold, we were tired, so we stayed anyway. We had a bottle of 14 Hands Merlot from Washington State. Very fruity and easy to drink. And we both ordered the NY Strip Special (medium rare) with sautéed peppers and onions and garlic mashed potatoes. The steak was indeed medium rare and had a nice char-grill flavor on the outside. Unfortunately, our steak knives may as well have been butter knives. We had a very hard time cutting up the meat. I enjoyed the peppers and onions, but we should have gotten more of them – 3 strips of each seemed rather skimpy. But I raved about the potatoes – more like smashed potatoes complete with peel. These were perfect for a cold evening.

Davis & Main was decent, but I will probably stick to the burger next time. Our steaks were $25.00 a piece and did not come with a salad and very few vegetables. This place is not upscale enough to warrant outrageous prices. And the out-of-town family from Texas was a bit annoying. They parked right in front of the restaurant and blocked a fire hydrant. The driver even looked at it as she got out of her SUV with a cell phone stuck to her ear. At least they were not local.

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